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Lets you visit our historical places in 3D virtual reality.
Version Francaise

Application version:

 All project details on the BlenderArtists forum
After a huge amount of technical specification, prototyping, texture work, programming, 3D modeling and project structuring, we think it's time to offer at the view of the curious and hobbyists a first clue of the future result.

A short video of some seconds showing the very beginning of an immersive walk between  this magical city walls....
The Carcassonne medieval city !

The application is still in Alpha version and just like any baby, grows every day.

We will very soon offer the visitor to download and try the application on your home PC under windows or Linux, but also on your smartphone or tablet with Android.

We hope to hear from you soon about this great adventure so
feel free to leave us a message from the contact page, or on the
Kleioscope forum or also on the Blender Artists forum.
We will welcome you with great pleasure !

Here are also some screenshots of the early work-in-progress.

See how to download and
install the application...
Téléchargez le TAR.GZ de l'appli et lancez la sur votre Mac