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The Saint-Nicolas tower:

Proudly surveying La Rochelle's harbor entrance, on the Atlantic ocean coast, the Saint-Nicolas tower is one of the 3 towers protecting the city from the dangers coming from the sea.

Erected on the XV° century, it is a watchtower, military barracks and also the anchor of the big chain closing the harbor entrance.

The history of its building is as amazing as the daedalus running in the thickness of its walls. It is one of the rare historical buildings owing a dual helix staircase that came to us today, from the past.

Enter freely in the tower at night or day and loose yourself in its labyrinth of narrow corridors and steep staircases, but also discover this incredible building in a cut view by choosing the angle and position of the cutting plane, and simply fly around to approach the inside details.

The Kleioscope offers you a free visual discovery at your pace and in 3D, this amazing place as it is nowadays.

Have a nice visit !

Lets you visit our historical places in 3D virtual reality.

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